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If you would like to post information on lost pets on this page

email the shelter at ayres673@hotmailcom or call 518-673-5670

Please let us know when your pet is found

Older female BEAGLE   Tricolored   On the bike trail toward Fultonville
Call Clark   853-6060   or   496-2370   

Brown PIT BULL mix   65 lbs.   Red collar   Burtonsville Road  Charleston
Call Kayla   391-5719

"Sammy"   Male MINI DACHSHUND  Meco   Fulton County
Call Mary Lou   588-7738  or  725-4141

"Cosmo"   6 year old male WALKER COONHOUND  Blue Tick   100 lbs.
White with brown spots   Neon green collar   Call Melissa  518-321-8271  or  518-321-0025


MISSING IN FORT PLAIN, NY!! PLEASE SHARE! If you live in the area, please take a moment to step outside and check your garage, shed, porches & surrounding property. Please share even if you don't live in the area...someone on your friend's list may! Thank you!

Yvette Falzarine wries: "Lost in Fort Plain, NY, from Webster Street, near Access. Abbey went missing on August 19th. She is half tortoise shell and half tabby. She is about 3.5-years-old and is a smaller, petite cat with shorter legs. She has a tiny face. She is spayed. She wears no collar. She is friendly, but may run from strangers, but is food motivated. She does not take medications, but she does have asthma and has a permanent left eye "injury" from when she was a kitten that causes it to drain a clear fluid due to inner eye lid damage. It also looks a bit "darker" than the right eye. She has unusual markings as shown at left. Please call Yvette at 305-812-8146. I am so worried and miss her terribly. My heart is broken! Please help!!!

19 Aug 2014

Our cat Chester is missing. He wondered off on Saturday August 16th 2014 @ 10:30 am from the back yard.

He is black, tan and white , with a white under his chin that goes up and around his mouth and nose, and his paws are white. Chester has extra toes on all of his paws. His legs have black strips on them. Chester has some tan color on him that blends in with the black. the tip of his tail is black along with the top on his head. He is missing some front teeth due to his age, so it is difficult for him to eat dry food.

Chester is 13yrs old, skinny and is pretty loving. He is our baby and would like him back if anyone knows where he is or has taken him in.

I forgot to add that Chester went missing from around the Canajoharie Elementary School, Garlock Street area

Contact David at 518-848-8278


7 month old male SIAMESE SEALPOINT   Blue eyes   Indoor cat
Missing since Nov. 16th   Stone Arabia Road   Palatine   Call Cynthia   993-5678

Neutered male BLACK AND WHITE CAT     Canajoharie
Call David   673-1024

Female brindle PIT BULL mix   Fultonville
Call Erik   727-2401

"Coco"   Spayed female brindle PIT BULL mix   "Tank"  Intact male ROTTIE mix
Looks like small Rottie with long tail   Missing since 4 pm  November 12th
Mohawk St.  Fultonville
Call Karrie  727-2401  or  Virginia  573-3692  or  Hyatt  774-5547

CALICO mother and three 3 month old kittens    (2 orange and white males and 1 calico female)
Call Maureen   863-6123

Two BEAGLES   Missing since the afternoon of November 4th    Sharon Springs
Call Shawn   925-5398

Female PIT/LAB mix   14 years old   Stub tail (L shape)   Hard of hearing   Collar and leash
Maple Hill Road   Canajoharie    Call Ladley   844-9274

Female JACK RUSSELL   White with black and brown on face   Missing since the morning of August 4th    Call Greg   607-376-2550  or  673-2243Older black and brown BEAGLE    Village of Canajoharie    Call Carl  867-9182

2 male YELLOW LABS      McFail Road    Call Kathy   332-7311

Orange and white female CAT   Gray spot on hip    Missing since September 20th
Mohawk Drive   Fonda/Tribes Hill   Call Mr. Congdon   774-6401  

Mohawk Drive   Fonda/Tribes Hill   Call Mr. Congdon   774-6401  Female YELLOW LAB   5 to 6 years old   Missing since August 21st   Hessville Road
Starkville   Close to Herkimer County line    Call Steve   852-2123


Tan and white male AKITA mix   Blue collar with rabies tag
Missing since evening of September 20th   Corner of Wemple and Cayudetta   Fonda
Call Elaine   224-8882


Older male PUG    Collar and tags   Old River Road off Route 5S   Randall
Call Gary   526-3627    

"Abby"  Female YELLOW LAB   Choker collar   No tags
 Fort Johnson area   Call Mary Ann  843-6583    or  810-9488

"Fat Boy" 5 year old male BLACK/GRAY/WHITE TIGER CAT  Very friendly
Fort Plain     Call Lori   774-0100

Older female SHEPHERD mix   Brindle   Front paws are brown   Pink collar
Gone since July 1st   Salisbury Center/Oppenheim area  Call Jessica   315-867-0813

Declawed spayed female TIGER   Friendly   Wearing collar   Spring St. off Route 80
Fort Plain   Call Richard   993-4506

125 lb. male ROTTIE/SHAR PEI mix   Red leather collar with tags   Call Regina   332-4183

Older female SHEPHERD mix   Brindle   Front paws are brown   Pink collar
Gone since July 1st   Salisbury Center/Oppenheim area
Call Jessica   315-867-0813

"Toby"   Male SHEPHERD/PIT BULL mix   Light tan with white on chest and paws
Gray collar has dog bones on it   Very friendly   Call Robin   607-435-8692

Female golden CHIHUAHUA   Corbin Hill Road and Route 30A
Missing since July 16th   Call Dawn   928-1514

"Maverick"  SHEPHERD/DOBERMAN mix  Black and tan like a Doberman   Longer hair like a Shepherd   Black collar   Missing since 9 am June 2nd
 Cooperstown area   Call Tim  518-331-0892  or  Katie  607-242-3143   or  Nicole  347-244-5481

1 year old shaved female HUSKY   No collar   Missing since June 9th
Schenectady area   Call Shauna   518-479-9824

"Squishy"   14 year old CALICO house cat   Missing since May 21st
Washington St., Fort Plain     Call Angela  332-8307 


Male BLACK LAB mix   Not neutered   Brownish tint in the sun
Blue collar      Missing since May 18th    Glen area
Call the shelter   673-5670

Three cats: 7 month old female TIGER, 1 year old female BLACK CAT,
3 year old spayed female BLACK CAT   Route 10  Canajoharie
Call David   673-1024

Brown and white SHIH TZU   Reported missing April 28th
Call Jo   752-6713


Male PUG/CHIHUAHUA mix   Tan with white patch on chest
Blue and yellow collar with "woof" on it   Sharon Springs   
Call Melissa   866-4967


Female LHASA APSO   8 years old   White with some black and gray on sides   Pink collar
Tags and name tag   Missing since April 24th
Call Tarrissa   315-858-6003

"Pearl"  Large female BROWN DOG   Missing since April 14th
Rural Grove Road   Call Via   391-8452

Female small breed CHIHUAHUA mix   Long blonde hair
Pink collar   Missing since mid-April   Route 10  Dygert Road area   
Call Scott   607-373-9021

Female COCKER SPANIEL  (smaller size)   Reddish color
Missing since March 28th   Pickle Hill Road  Fort Plain
Call Daniel   993-3586

"Addie"  Small dark female BROWN TIGER CAT
Missing since March 24th   Burkhart Road (Route 10 South - 3 miles
from Canajoharie   Call David   673-1024

Two BEAGLES   Tricolor male   Black and tan female
Missing since the night of March 17th   Burtonville Road (off Brand Road)
Call Elisha   429-6841

"Joey"   Purebred black and tan female GERMAN SHEPHERD
Missing since early March
South Gray Road, Palatine Bridge
Call Heidi   706-0493

"Teddy"   CAT   Mostly white (with gray)   Gray mustache
Missing since March 1st   Cliff St., Canajoharie   Call Mary   673-3834

Male BEAGLE   Call Kassandra   315-867-9422
Neutered male GRAY TIGER    White on chest, belly and feet
Missing since February 4th   Snell Road  St. Johnsville
Call Kim   568-7509

Female COONHOUND   Gray collar, no tags   Route 163   Fort Plain
Missing since morning of February 5th
Call Lou    824-1115

"Ginger"   7 year old female ORANGE CAT
Call Janine   925-6021

"Quinn"   male PUGAPOO   White with peach on top   Shaggy
Call Hailey   315-429-3617


Neutered male BORDER COLLIE   Mostly black   White paws   Blue eye
Choker chain   Both dogs missing since December 31st
Little Falls/Fort Plain border   Call David   315-725-6031