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BARNEY is a yellow intact male. 4 yrs old.
Missing from the Millbrook/Dover ny area



If you would like to post information on lost pets on this page

email the shelter at ayres673@hotmailcom or call 518-673-5670

Please let us know when your pet is found

"Buddy"   Big BLACK AND WHITE (patches) CAT   Neutererd male
Palatine Bridge village   Call Franbces   673-5885

Male BLACK CAT   Has collar and microchip   Fort Plain   Last seen night of April 17th
Call Anthony  227-9642

Very small black and white RAT TERRIER   S. Gray Road    Palatine   Missing since April 18th
Call Marcella   231-3150

7 week old male JACK RUSSELL and 6 month old female BEAGLE    St. Jonhsville   Missing since March 26th   Call Tish  315-868-8292

Persia"   Longhaired female BLACK CAT with white on belly   Flea collar and collar with bell  
 Call Michael   709-6615

Female YELLOW LAB    Tanner Road    Call 775-0471

"Dakota"    Female  MIN PIN   10 lbs. Pink collar   Undocked tail   Missing since March 1st
Carlisle/Lawyersville area   Call Levi   852-4775

"Chester"   Black and gray TABBY Blind in one eye (cloudy eye) River St. Fort Plain
Missing since January 23rd Call Amanda 304-532-661

"Zeus"   7 year old dark brown neutered male PIT BULL    Blue collar with 3 tags
Nellis Road   Town of Palatine   Last seen 2:30 am January 18th   Call John   315-360-4533

"JJ"   5 year old tiger and white CAT   Palatine Bridge River St. Fort Plain
Call John   673-8582

"Cupcake"   CAT   White with black on tail and top of head   Pink ears   
High St.  Fort Plain   Call Sue   993-2800

 "Stuppy"    ORANGE CAT   White on face and paws   Last seen running into the woods
on Hilltopo Road near Route 162 on October 24th.   Call the shelter   673-5670

"Polly"   Female SHIH TZU/DACHSHUND  Brown with blkack   Missing since October 8th
Call   Bonnie   922-6287

Small male PIT BULL   1 year old   Tan with white on chest and toes 
Missing since October 10th   Call Marissa   421-7978

"Pepper"   SHEPHERD/LANDSEER  Black with white paws   Missing since October 10th
Call Charlie   588-3260   or   Nicole   764-1625

"Leo"   Male BLACK CAT   Bit of white on neck    About 2 years old   Knows hia name
Sprakers Road   Call Merrilee   894-0677

 Male GRAY CAT   Extra toes on front feet   Call Donna   568-2274

BLACK AND WHITE CAT   Extra toes   Missing from Palatine area
Call Jeanne   673-0007  or  424-2330

BLACK CAT   Bald spot on neck   Not neutered   Lost since September 26th  
By Canajoharie Post Office   Call   518-265-0094

"Billy Joe"   BEAGLE   Leather collar    Rappa Road    Call   321-3365

"Zoey"   3 year old spayed female PIT BULL  75 lbs.   Brindle with white down nose, neck, front leg Red collar   Very loving and sweet   Will come when called   Tisi Road and Route 5S  Thruway area
Went missing with all white Pit Bull who was found in trailer park in Manheim
Call Sara   315-360-2507  or  Craig   757-603-0307

Neutered male BLACK CAT   Prospect Hill   Fort Plain   Missing since September 14th
Call 867-2751

4 year old male BEAGLE   Leather collar   Rappa Road   
Call Linda   321-3365

Neutered male gray and white HUSKY   Wearing electric fence collar   No tags   Microchipped
Last seen September 4th   Whitestown   Spottedheading east   Call Sandra   315-225-4911

BLACK CAT   Call Devon   865-0094

 "Rudy"   CHIHUAHUA   Very small   2 to 3 lbs.   One eye   Skittish
Missing in Palatine   Call Samantha   424-3081

Female GERMAN SHEPHERD    Missing for a month   Cherry Valley
Call Erica   607-287-7675

Purebred male GERMAN SHEPHERD   Lots of black   7 to 8 years old
Not wearing a collar   Call John   315-823-3416

"Sha nay nay"   Female MIN PIN   Baby blue collar   (silver dog bones)   Wagners Hollow Road
Miasing since the night of July 26th   Call Samantha   362-6544

13 year old blind fawn PEKEAPUG    Barrnger Road and Route 20    Cherry Valley 
Call 607-264-9000

"Yoshi"   5 year old male SIAMESE CAT   Kahn Road   Fort Plain
Last seen evening of July 3rd   Call 518-428-1104

"Merlin"   Large neutered GRAY CAT   Extra toes   Lynk St. Canajoharie
Call   Debra    673-4751

"Bruno"   GRAY CAT   23 lbs.    Scars on head
Call Susan   845-745-8848

Light brown RED-NOSE PIT BULL   Scar over right eye
Call Jamie   872-9280

Brown merle and white BORDER COLLIE   Blue eyes    Conway Road
Call Patti   860-637-0031

"Boot"   Black and white MALE CAT  17 lbs.   Missing since May 13th   Route 163   Minden
Call Tina   862-377-5878

10 year old female YELLOW LAB   Tail shortened about 3 inches (from surgery)
Missing since May 27th   Call Joanne   993-2731

"Jules"   Black and white female HUSKY   Choke chain and flea collar   Chipped
Missing since June 7th  5 to 7 pm    FOUND

Tricolored male BEAGLE   One ear is "shriveled"   Route 30A and Burtonsville Road
Call Marilyn   734-309-2864

"Moxie"    8 year old female BLACK LAB       Missing since December 9, 2015 
Mahr Road, Canajoharie     Call Trish and George     673-2959

 "Rusty"   SHEPHERD/SHELTIE (red color)   Red collar and tags   Very skittish  
Route 163 and Sprout Brook   Call Ryann   518-361-1112 
9 to 10 year old TIGER with white paws and chest   Missing since May 1st
Call Angela   469-2167

Black and white CAT    Limps    Call Sue  332-5887

"Felix"   10 year old spayed female BLACK AND WHITE CAT    Stub tail
Carlisle Road   Call Jessica   673-5744

Two BEAGLES    Marshville area   Call 588-8890

Female BLUE HEELER   Red collar   Old Trail Road   Fonda   Missing since December 30th
Call Kate   420-2459