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If you would like to post information on lost pets on this page

email the shelter at ayres673@hotmailcom or call 518-673-5670

Please let us know when your pet is found

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9 to 10 year old TIGER with white paws and chest   Missing since May 1st
Call Angela   469-2167

Black and white CAT    Limps    Call Sue  332-5887

"Felix"   10 year old spayed female BLACK AND WHITE CAT    Stub tail
Carlisle Road   Call Jessica   673-5744

Two BEAGLES    Marshville area   Call 588-8890

Female BLUE HEELER   Red collar   Old Trail Road   Fonda   Missing since December 30th
Call Kate   420-2459

"Cat"   Neutered male BLACK CAT   About 7 years old   Shortened right ear   
Most teeth missing   Last seen Novmber 28th   Monk Road   Sprakers
Call Lisa   256-5105

"Lily"   Female BEAGLE   Wearing flea collar No other collar   Hickory Hill Road
Call Saltsman   853-3360

"Maximus"   12 year old neutered COONHOUND/BEAGLE mix (tall Beagle)   Microchipped
Missing since Nov. 17th   E. Lykers Road   1 mile from Rte. 162    Very friendly
Call Tanya   673-4242

"Sammy"   3 year old female BLACK AND WHITE CAT   One white ear   Canal St.   Fort Plain   
Missing since late October   Call Edna   844-5010

 "Ryder"   Brown and white PIT BULL  (dad)   "Sarge"   Black PIT/LAB  (son)
Nelliston  Missing since Nov. 12th   Call Kylie   315-717-9620

"Missy"  LIGHT CALICO/TIGER  Partially blind   Cloudy eye    Docked ear tip    Lattimer Hill Road
Call Kim   518-577-2691

White SIBERIAN HUSKY Brown eyes   Town of Stark
Call Brandi   315-360-2178

My 3 year old orange short/midhair neutered male TABBY went missing several days ago. He was last seen on the evening of Fri 11/6 or Sat 11/7. His.name is M.C. and he's average size and weight. He's very friendly, even with strangers, and loves to be petted. He lived on the Glen/Charleston town line near the intersections of Hyney Hill Rd, Polin Rd, Reed Hill Rd, and South Green Rd.
Call Scott   922 - 5091

Two female cats   2 year old TORTIE   9 year old white gray and tan CAT
Call Colleen  673-3999

Large neutered male ORANGE CAT   15 to 16 years old   Extra toes
Route 163, Minden   Call 844-4433

Three legged female CAT     Missing since September 18th
Call Lois   705-1966

7 year old black and white BORDER COLLIE   White tip on tail   Orange collar   Microchipped
Richmondville area   Call Cindy   698-5634

"Chica"    Female dark TABBY   Short and stocky   Missing since August 28th

"Buddy"    Male BLACK AND WHITE CAT   Missing since September 9th   Old Sprakers Road area
Call Merrily   518-894-0677

"Tucker"   5 year old neutered male GERMAN SHEPHERD    Fawn with light saddle   140 lbs.   
Missing since August 20th   Call Chris   518-296-2675

"Shelby"   1 year old female blue grey/white PIT BULL    Short and stocky    Very pregnant
Missing since August 17th   Fultonville   Town of Glen   Call 518-705-2278

"Simba"   Big buff colored male CAT  About 25 lbs.   Nestle Road, Fort Plain
Call Rachel   518-844-5308

"Tinkerbell"   Petite beige female SIAMESE   2 to 3 years old
"Geo" White with lots of black - gray tiger markings male CAT   3 to 4 years old
Call Stacy   518-522-4770

"Brody"   BOXER mostly white   Docked tail   Missing from Esperance Road since 3:30 pm August 12th   Call Jeannine   607-643-2393 -(text)   607-234-4311  (work)

 "Gus"   Neutered male PURE WHITE HUSKY   "Bella"   Black and tan MIN PIN/HOUND
Last seen 5 pm August 11th   Palatine Bridge   Both have collars
Call Amanda   304-532-6615

 FOUND on Rappa Road on July 2nd    A female GRAY CAT wearing a faded pink collar
If you have any information as to who the owner might be, please contact the shelter
(518) 673-5670

"Diesel"   8 month old intact male tan and white ENGLISH BULLDOG   Missing since 1 pm July 30th   Hickory Hill Road   Call Shawn   867-2066

   "Oliver"   Small beige TERRIER mix 18 lbs., 3 years old   Red harness and collar with tags
Missing since July 26th   Mineville (near Glen)   Call Cynthia  844-6966

Spayed female BLACK AND WHITE CAT  One eye is black   Not wearing a collar
Lost on Van Epps Road, Glen since July 14th   Timid inside cat wo snuck outside
Call Susan   736-2094   ext. 4125

"Anna"   10 month old BLACK CAT   Missing since July 5th   St. Johnsville
Call Abigail  428-9197

"Brooklyn"   Brindle PIT BULL/BOXER mix   
Call 1-201-417-0336

 Longhaired CALICO cat     Shy    Currytown Road (off 162)    Call 673-5427

"Bella"   1 year 8 month old black and tan female SHEPHERD   Blue collar   Missing since night of June 5th    Old Sharon Road    Call Greg   649-6393

"Chase"   9 month old neutered male GERMAN SHEPHERD   "Lucy"   20 lb. BEAGLE mix  Missing since 1 pm June 5th   Mahr road  Town of Canajoharie
Call Ellen   673-1015

Gray (no white) neutered male TIGER CAT    Missing since May 20th  
Front St.   Canajoharie   Call Merrill   673-3875

"Moonshine"   MOUNTAIN CUR   Creamy buttermilk color   Scar on head   Scar on front leg   Natural bobtail   Missing since evening of May 9th   Route 166  Middlefield
Call Deputy Steve Kubis   607-547-4079  or call the  Sheriff's Department  Middlefield  Otsego County

Big male black and gray TIGER CAT   Marked like Maine Coon   Brand Road
Missing since May 6th  8:30 pm   Call Chad   698-5326

3 year old neutered male TUXEDO CAT    Stocky   10 lbs. Missing since April 26th
Wheelock St., Canajoharie    Call Holly   779-5672

1 year old male TIGER CAT    7 toes on front feet    Call Roberta   673-6126

Gray and black female YORKIE    Missing since April 27th    Reid Hill Road    Glen
Call Joseph   922-7071

Neutered male  BLACK LAB    Last seen March 23rd    From Schenectady  
Call Brooke    845-544-4240

 "Lily"   HOUND    River Road   Fort Plain    3 miles west of village
Call Bart   224-3700

"Blue Tick" BEAGLE      Call Jeff   315-868-3929

"Peanut"    Neutered male 12 year old TIGER CAT    Gray and black stripes
Route 80  Minden Call Shelley  993-8060